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Training pool in Elementary School

Brno, Czech Republic


What:1 indoor stainless pool
Swimming pool technology costs:1,6 million CZK without VAT
Total area of the pool:130,6 m2
Total volume of the pool:163,5 m3

The former ceramic pool of the Arménská Primary School in Brno was reconstructed into a modern stainless-steel pool including the related pool technology. Our work consisted of dismantling the original pipelines of water treatment technology, which we replaced with new ones. At the same time, we installed a new dosing device for chemicals in the water treatment system and we strengthened the health safety of pool water with equipment for dosing activated carbon.  At the same time, this device saves future operating costs. The training school pool has a size of 16.53 x 7.9 m, a depth of 1.00 – 1.47 m and offers 4 swimming lanes.


INOX SERVIS was responsible for the delivery and installation of the pool equipment and piping systems for this indoor stainless pool. The above services were rendered by INOX SERVIS for BERNDORF BÄDERBAU under a pertinent contract.