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Floating - Saltwater pool

Liptovská osada, Slovakia



Where:Liptovská osada, Slovakia  
When:12/2015 - 01/2016  
What:indoor titanium pool
Swimming pool technology costs:27.000,- EUR without VAT
Total area of the pool:5,0 m2
Total volume of the pool:2,0 m3


INOX SERVIS prepared design documents and delivered the pool equipment items for this project.  Our concept of the pool equipment allows to achieve a 35% salinity of water, thus simulating the aquatic environment of the Dead Sea. The specific feature of the designed and delivered equipment is the resistance of all materials used against 35% salt solution.

The bath in a water having such salinity is called Floating, offering its users full relaxation of muscles, spine and joints due to a weightless floating bath. Therefore, it is proposed as an alternative treatment for any post-traumatic conditions, fractures and rheumatic diseases. Floating is also recommended for people suffering from fatigue syndrome, depression, headaches or migraines, because the bath helps reduce stress hormones and stimulate production of endorphins. The saltwater environment also helps in the body cleansing processes and accelerates the overall regeneration. Furthermore, floating has positive effects on skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema. Inhaling salt air helps in the treatment of the respiratory tract.

The above services were rendered by INOX SERVIS for BERNDORF BÄDERBAU under a pertinent contract.